Technology/Patent/Intellectual Property Lawyers

We have extensive experience prosecuting patents and in general patent practice with regards to the firearms, knife, and munitions industry.

Munitions/Knife/Firearms Patent Lawyers

  • Turning your invention into an asset can be a challenging endeavor, and overcoming these challenges is critical to your success. Munitions, knives and firearms patent prosecution involves the identification of your invention’s novel feature, drafting the application, establishing the inventors, search and examination, then allowance, appeal, or abandonment of the patent. Munitions Law Group understands this process well and efficiently overcomes these challenges to ensure your invention receives the strongest protection possible.
  • Our first step in protecting your invention is understanding your technology and goals. We then spend time with the inventors to determine the unique features that need protection, identifying and avoiding prior art, and crafting proper patent claims. During examination at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we continue to work with you to overcome any rejections to ensure that your invention receives the protection it deserves.

Munitions/Knife/Firearms Intellectual Property Lawyers

  • All intellectual property has value, some more than others; determining that value is often challenging. Many companies invest large sums in developing and acquiring intellectual property, but fail to realize a return on that investment. The attorneys at Munitions Law Group can help your company identify, develop and realize value in its intellectual property. We can assist clients in determining the best strategies to protect new or existing products or services; including patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets. Our firearms attorneys can also help companies identify which intellectual property strategies will provide the most return for their investment.

Munitions/Knife/Firearms Copyright Lawyers

  • Copyright is a powerful tool to protect your assets. However, understanding your rights as to copyrightable assets has become increasingly more difficult with the advent of the digital age. The attorneys at Munitions Law Group can help you identify the challenges between protecting your copyrightable material and the rights of free speech and fair use. Knowing how your rights are affected by copyright registration and public disclosure is important to understanding the protections that copyright provides.
  • Our firearms attorneys have experience working with clients on a variety of copyright matters. We can provide assistance in implementing a program to register and license your copyrights. We can assist you in preventing copying and unlawful exploitation of your protected works. The attorneys at Munitions Law Group can explain your rights and develop a system to avoid any future surprises.

Munitions/Knife/Firearms Trade Secret Lawyers

  • Technology has changed the way business is done. These changes have provided a plethora of benefits to companies, but have also increased risk of your business’ assets being mishandled. In this landscape a proactive approach is needed to identify and protect your asset before they are lost. Whether your company is dealing with formulas, devices, business and marketing plans, manufacturing techniques, business method, or drawings protecting that information as a trade secret is vital to maintain your competitor advantage. In an environment where today’s customers and business partners are tomorrow’s competitors, protection of your trade secrets is critical.
  • We can assist you with identifying potential trade secrets and assist in implementing controlled access to protect and enforce these trade secrets. We understand the vigilance required to protect your trade secrets and will work with you to develop protocols, unique to your environment, to protect those assets. Whether you are starting a joint venture, hiring a new employee or consultant, or dealing with the mishandling of existing trade secrets, the experienced attorneys at Munitions Law Group can assist you.

Munitions/Knife/Firearms Trademark Lawyers

  • Trademarks are often your companies first opportunity to make an impression on customers in a crowded and competitive market. As a tool for new client acquisition, trademarks are often your company’s most valuable asset. Whether representing your primary service, adding a new product line, or protecting your businesses reputation, trademarks are an essential part of any business. We understand this and are vigilant in protecting their clients, by counseling on everything from clearance to maintenance of your knife, firearms and gun related trademarks.
  • We have experience guiding clients through the firearms or knife trademark process, including clearance, prosecution, opposition/cancellation proceedings, maintenance, counseling, licensing and litigation. Our firearms attorneys understand the issues that may arise in trademark matters, and we are aggressive in defending our client’s interests. We understand that every situation is unique and work with our clients to ensure the acquisition and maintenance of this valuable asset. We also handle trademark licensing matters and have experience in addressing and responding to infringement matter, including litigation when unavoidable. Whether you are acquiring, licensing, or protecting trademarks, we can help make your business a success.