ATF Licensing/Advocacy

We are experts at obtaining ATF licenses (FFL, FEL, FEP) and – assuming a client is qualified and follows our careful advice – have a 100% success rate. We are ATF License Lawyers and FFL Lawyers and handle “simple ” and “complex” FFL and other ATF license applications.

Estate Planning & Gun Trusts

From Probate Avoidance to Asset Protection the need to preserve and protect one’s lifelong firearm collection has never been more important. Our firm is ready to assist with the planning of firearm collections to ensure their integrity is never compromised as a result of a death or disability.

General Counsel

We serve as the single point of contact lawyer for members of the Firearms Industry.

Gun Crime Defense

If you are ever accused and charged with a weapons violation your rights are in jeopardy. The Munitions Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to mount a strong defense to ensure your rights are not overly burdened.


We help clients determine whether they are subject to U.S. State Department regulation under ITAR, and assist with registration and related issues.

Ongoing ATF Compliance

We advise clients on day-to-day ATF and other regulatory compliance matters, including recordkeeping and notice requirements.

Rights Restoration/NICs Denials

Have your firearm rights been denied? Are you unable to purchase firearms? If so do not lose hope. There are many mechanisms under the law to restore to you your fundamental right to keep and bear arms.


Have a great new invention that needs protection? The Munitions Law Group is able to assist with all aspects of Intellectual Property. From Patent prosecution and enforcement to trademarking a new brand, the Munitions Law Group is ready to assist.